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Dr Paul Marsden

Chartered psychologist specialising in consumer behaviour, wellbeing and technology. University lecturer at UAL and consultant consumer psychologist with Brand Genetics.

Dopamine! 8 Video Shorts on App Addiction

Can’t stop checking, swiping, updating, liking or just lurking online? There’s a reason for this: All of your favourite apps were built to be addictive by activating dopamine in your brain. That’s the pitch of a new collection of eight 7...

Google launches five new Digital Wellbeing apps

This week Google is launching five new digital wellbeing apps for android devices designed to help people find the right balance of technology in their lives. These open source apps are available on Google Play for consumers, and on Google’s...

1/3 of teens sleep with mobile device in bed

Do you sleep with your mobile device? 29% of US teens now keep their mobile device in bed with them as they sleep (33% female, 26% for males). 62% of parents sleep with their device in reach of their bed. Two findings from the new report “The...

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