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Dr Paul Marsden

About Me

I’m a chartered psychologist and I help brands understand their consumers. I use psychological techniques to uncover unspoken needs and hidden motivations to reveal the truth about what people want.

My primary area of expertise is the impact of connected technology on how we think, feel and behave, including our wellbeing. I am a committee member of the cyberpsychology section of the British Psychological, Society, and I lecture in psychology and consumer behaviour at UAL (University of the Arts, London). I consult to WPP digital agency SYZYGY on emerging consumer needs, trends and values.


  • Marsden, P. (2020) In Their Shoes, Empathy-based Research Playbook (forthcoming)
  • Marsden, P. & Chaney, P (2012) Social Commerce Handbook, McGraw Hill
  • Marsden, P. (2011) Social Commerce, in Theobald, E and Haisch,  Brand Evolution, Gabler
  • Marsden, P. & Kirby, J. (2007) Connected Marketing, Elsevier

Selected Reports and Articles

Media Interviews

  • Die Welt – Happiness in Bhutan (German) 2018
  • New Scientist – Irresistible – DPhil Research (1999)
  • SAP Game-Changers Marketing to Millennials (2003)
  • ITN TV News – Copycat Terrorism (2005)
  • Who’s Afraid of the 10 Commandments – LWT TV Series with Melvyn Bragg (2000)
  • BBC Radio 4 – Blink interview with Malcolm Gladwell (2005)
  • BBC Radio 4 – Changing Status of Status (2005)
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  • Dear Paul,

    On December 10th IMPAKT will launch Disrupt and Reflect: a webproject about the many and constant triggers of the internet. We hope this could be an interesting vantage point for an article on

    In our society we constantly seem to be looking for immediate gratification: by by buying stuff, in finding attention, likes, and, when we are completely overstimulated, in mindfulness, yoga or nature. Is dopamine the metafor or our age.

    The webproject, which will itself be alternatively extremely overstimulating and very calming, consists of conversations, presentations and interviews with artists.

    Especially now that in the COVID-19 pandemic, the online world has become more and more important for work, education and leisure as social connection, this is currently a very important subject that affects all of our lives.That is why we think it would be a nice subject for an article on We would love to discuss the possibilities. Naturally, we would be glad to provide you with more information, images and/or arrange an interview with the artists.

    I would have loved to send you our press release for this project, but unfortunately it is not possible to add any attachement in this contactform. If you would like to recieve it, please let me know where I can reach you through e-mail.

    If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

    With kind regards,
    Jelany Hammen

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