About Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing is devoted to helping you understand how digital technology influences our psychological wellbeing. We summarise the latest research, findings and insights on how our ability to experience and evaluate life positively is influenced by screen time, social media, smartphones, virtual assistants, digital distractions, automation, wearable tech and AI.

In a world full of polemics, Digital Wellbeing seeks to offer a balanced coverage of scientific research into the impact of digital technology on our wellbeing. Our goal is to summarise key findings from scientific research, interviews with experts, coverage of recently published books, and curated content from across the web.

Sponsored by WPP digital agency, SYZYGY, Digital Wellbeing is headquartered in London, and run by chartered psychologist, Dr. Paul Marsden.

About Dr. Paul Marsden

I’m Dr Paul Marsden, a consumer psychologist working for WPP digital agency Syzygy.

My job is simple. I help marketers understand what people want to see, hear, feel and buy.

To do this, I use insights from positive psychology (the science of happiness and wellbeing) and psychometrics to help organisations communicate, brand and improve their products and services.

I believe that the biggest digital disruption is the one happening in our heads, as technology transforms our identity, experiences and relationships. Some of this is good. Some less so. So I help organisations address this psychological ‘digital disruption’ that is changing market expectations, needs and behaviour.

I also lecture on the psychology of fashion at the business school of the London College of Fashion, where I research the peculiar phenomenon of “enclothed cognition” – the impact that the clothes we wear has on mental processing and performance.

I am a chartered psychologist, chartered by the British Psychological Society and with a PhD in online psychological research techniques. I co-founded Brainjuicer PLC (now System1 Group), a research company that uses psychological techniques online to understand consumers. A selection of my research can be found here.