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Dr Paul Marsden

Chartered psychologist specialising in consumer behaviour, wellbeing and technology. University lecturer at UAL and consultant consumer psychologist with Brand Genetics.

Facebook Launches ‘Shops’ 2020 (screenshots)

Social commerce finally comes to Facebook, as the social media giant launches a new e-commerce feature called Shops for its suite of social media apps. The link to digital wellbeing might appear tenuous, but did you know that shopping can improve...

Are we underestimating digital media harm?

Question: Are we underestimating digital media harm? Answer: It depends on how you cut the data. The debate continues to rage in a new slingshot statistical fight between researchers. In the blue corner, we have University of Oxford researchers Amy...

Google launches 5 more digital wellbeing apps

A few months after launching an initial set of six experimental digital wellbeing apps (Unlock Clock, Post Box, We Flip, Desert Island, Morph, and Paper Phone Google has expanded its suite of apps designed to help users manage their relationship...

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