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Digital Wellbeing

1/3 of teens sleep with mobile device in bed

Do you sleep with your mobile device? 29% of US teens now keep their mobile device in bed with them as they sleep (33% female, 26% for males). 62% of parents sleep with their device in reach of their bed. Two findings from the new report “The...

Wellbeing app becomes a Unicorn

If you were in any doubt about the growing importance of wellbeing, today’s $1bn valuation of the popular wellbeing app Calm should give you pause for thought. Already the poster-child of Apple’s top app trend of the year, Calm today...

How to stop Instagram deaths

“I have no doubt that Instagram helped kill my daughter”. These are the words of father Ian Russell in the news this week. Ian Russell is the parent of the 14-year-old UK schoolgirl Molly Rose Russell, who recently took her own life...

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