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Six evidence-based tips for staying sane in post-pandemic pandemonium

I’ve popped up a simple site of self-care tips with my good friends Florian Schmitt and Rachel Hunt to help you stay sane during the aftermath of the pandemic.

The site is called ‘‘ and it contains 6 quick and easy exercises from positive psychology to help you maintain a positive mindset over the coming months. They’re all evidence-based and all can be done using your smartphone.

Why now, when much of the world is beginning to emerge from lockdown?

Well, if previous health shocks (SARS, MERS) are anything to go by, then it’s the economic and social aftershocks that can be as debilitating for many as the initial health shock itself. It turns out that many of us operate surprisingly well under an acute crisis such as a lockdown. What’s tougher is resilience in the face of longterm chronic challenges associated with pandemics – living with uncertainty, increased perceived vulnerability to disease, continued social distancing, financial pressure, job insecurity, disinformation and a toxic blame culture.

It’s now that little daily exercises are needed to boost your mental resilience.

So we created a little site to help you.

Written by
Dr Paul Marsden
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  • To keep from going crazy, it’s crucial to keep busy. Distracting yourself with work, a hobby, or other pursuits is the best way to avoid dwelling on bad emotions.

  • I particularly appreciate how you’ve compiled practical advice backed by research, offering not just generic tips but tailored insights for an effective and holistic approach to well-being. In a time where everyone is searching for stability, your post is a beacon of wisdom.

    Thank you for being a guiding light in the post-pandemic pandemonium. Your insights are not just valuable; they’re a lifeline for those seeking a healthier and more balanced life.

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