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New ‘Design for Happiness’ Brainstorming Cards (free download)

Two and half years ago, digital agency Syzygy teamed up the London College of Fashion to produce a set of ‘Design for Happiness’ brainstorming cards (free download), using insights from positive psychology and positive design (pioneered by Pieter Desmet and colleagues at the Delft Institute of Positive Design) to help digital product, service and experience designers design with people’s happiness in mind.

Now Pieter Desmet along with Anna Pohlmeyer and JungKyoon Yoon, from the Delft Institute of Positive Design have released a hard copy of their own set of Design for Happiness cards to help designers design for happiness. You can download a free e-set of their cards here, and order a hard copy here.

The Delft Design for Happiness cards include three types of card – listing positive emotions, positive goals and positive character strengths.  The main difference between the SYZYGY/LCF cards is that the Delft cards contain positive goals such as belonging, safety, equity, and unity. In this way, these goals are not dissimilar to Bain’s elements of value pyramid (itself a reboot and updating of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). On the other hand, the SYZYGY cards include positive psychology interventions designed to improve wellbeing.

Free download of the Delft Design for Happiness cards here, or order a hard copy set here.

Written by
Dr Paul Marsden
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