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Coca-cola just deleted its entire Instagram history…

Coca-cola just deleted its entire Instagram history… and then refreshed the account with a set of positive messages around the power of kindness and compassion on World Kindness Day.

With a hashtag of course #RefreshTheFeed.  

Coke deleting its own Instagram history is unlikely to prompt users to do likewise, nor will it have the a similar effect as Kylie-I’m-sooo-over-Snapchat has just had on Snapchat.

But with mounting evidence that social media can harm wellbeing by promoting unhealthy social comparison, Coke’s move calls welcome attention to our digital footprint and social media behaviour.

It’s easy to be cynical of the move, and of course Coke is not stopping social media. But hats off to the brand for choosing to use social media to promote kindness.  Acts of kindness are known to promote wellbeing. Perhaps promoting acts of kindness digitally can promote digital wellbeing?

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