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Video: Nissan’s new Nismo smartwatch is brilliant – but not for the reason you think

Brand Utility + Wearable Tech = Match Made in Heaven?

Checkout the video below of Nissan’s new Nismo smartwatch unveiled for this month’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Mashable thinks the Nismo smartwatch is “pretty cool“.

We think the smartwatch is like something out of the early 80s’ Knight Rider TV Series. But the important question is ‘what problem does this watch solve?’

Well, if you think the problem with your car dashboard is that it’s boring, then now you have an alternative – you can see the same information ported to the small screen on your wrist.  Good for training your eyes then. Or if you have an ADHD problem with paying attention to the road, then the Nismo gizmo gives you something else to do instead; check your social media accounts whilst driving.  Oh, and Nissan can send you promotional messages – straight to your wrist – too. Just what you’ve always wanted.

And finally if you’ve always thought that the big problem with driving is not knowing your heart rate, well the Nismo smartwatch solves that too.

Nonetheless, we think the Nismo smartwatch is brilliant.  Why? Because the Nismo smartwatch solves a very real problem.  Not for consumers, but for Nissan.

The real problem that the Nismo smartwatch solves is how to get Nissan into the news for the motor show season, and get the brand associated with innovation. The Nismo smartwatch – a mere concept right now – is a brilliant PR stunt and price of nest-generation content marketing from the car manufacturer’s agency TBWA,  just in time for the Frankfurt Motor Show. Kudos.

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