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The ‘Unicorn 100’ Top 100 $1bn+ Startups 2015 (List and Characteristics)

What does a Unicorn look like in 2015?

Below you’ll find the ‘Unicorn 100’ – a new list now over 100 ‘Unicorns’ have been spotted in the wild –  privately held tech startups with investment valuations of $1bn and more.  Taken from a new report from KPMG and CB Insights, the Unicorn 100 list is a glimpse of the future – if you believe in the truism – to see the future, follow the money.

The list is interesting in its own right, but peruse the the individual Unicorns below and you’ll spot some patterns and common characteristics emerging that are setting the agenda, investment and future of digital innovation.

Do you have any Unicorn DNA in you?

  • Unicorns in Real Life (digital is no longer a channel, it’s a layer in real life),
  • Unicorns like convenience (time and effort saving ‘convenience tech’ on the rise)
  • Unicorns like FinTech (burgeoning financial tech)
  • Unicorns like shopping (over-weighting on mobile commerce and e-commerce)
  • Unicorns like marketplaces (marketplace models on the rise – Uber, Airbnb, Delivery Hero…)
  • Unicorns don’t just live in the valley (US dominant, but Asia on the rise)


  1. Xiaomi Technology Co (CN) ($46bn: Consumer Tech – mobile/smart devices)
  2. Uber (US) ($41bn: Transport – mobile taxi app/service)
  3. Palantir Technologies (US) ($15bn: Enterprise Tech – Data)
  4. Shapchat (US) ($15bn: Mobile – Communications)
  5. SpaceX  (US) ($12bn: Aerospace)
  6. Flipkart (IN) ($11bn: Ecommerce – B2C)
  7. Pinterest (US) ($11bn: Media – Photosharing)
  8. Dropbox (US) ($10bn: SaaS – Cloud)
  9. Airbnb (US) $10bn: Travel – B2C (Booking))
  10. Theranos (US) $9bn: HealthTech)
  11. Kuaidi Dache (CN) $8.75bn: Transport – Mobile taxi app/service)
  12. Spotify (SE) ($8.4bn: Media – Music)
  13. Meituan (CN) ($7bn: Ecommerce – B2C Group Buying)
  14. Square Inc. (US) ($6bn: FinTech – Payments)
  15. WeWork (US) ($5bn: Office space/services)
  16. Zenefits (US) ($4.5bn: Enterprise Tech – Health Insurance)
  17. Cloudera (US) ($4.1bn – Enterprise Tech – B2B)
  18. Dianping (CN) ($4.05bn: Media – Reviews)
  19. Stripe (US) $3.5bn: FinTech – Payments)
  20. Atlassian (AU) ($3.3bn: Enterprise Tech – SaaS)
  21. Jawbone (US) ($3.3bn: Consumer Tech – Devices)
  22. Fanatics (US) ($3.1bn: Ecommerce B2C Sports)
  23. Legendary Entertainment (US) ($3bn: Media – studio)
  24. Vancl (CN) ($3bn: Ecommerce – Fashion)
  25. Pure Storage (US) ($3bn: Enterprise Tech)
  26. Moderna Therapeutics (US) ($3bn: HealthTech)
  27. Slack Technologies (CA) ($2.8bn: Enterprise Tech)
  28. Bloom Energy (US) ($2.7bn Energy)
  29. Powa Technologies (UK) ($2.7bn: Fintech – Mobile Payments)
  30. Snapdeal (IN) ($2.5bn: Marketplace – C2C)
  31. Lyft (US) ($2.5bn: Transport – Mobile taxi app/service)
  32. Vice Media (CA) ($2.5bn: Media – magazine, music label, film)
  33. Ola Cabs (IN) ($2.4bn: Transport – Mobile taxi app/service)
  34. Houzz (US) ($2.3bn: Media – Interior Decoration app/magazine)
  35. SurveyMonkey (US) ($2bn: Software – Online survey service)
  36. Evernote (US) ($2bn: Software – Productivity)
  37. One97 Communications (IN) ($2bn:  Mobile / Ecommerce)
  38. Coupang (KR) ($2bn: Ecommerce – B2C)
  39. Nutanix (US) ($2bn: Enterprise Tech)
  40. Domo (US) ($2bn: Enterprise Tech)
  41. Trendy International Group (CN) ($2bn: Retail – fashion)
  42. Instacart (US) ($2bn: Ecommerce – Grocery)
  43. Magic Leap (US) ($2bn: Augmented Reality)
  44. Prosper (US) $1.9bn: Fintech)
  45. Delivery Hero (DE) ($1.876bn: Online food ordering)
  46. Avito (RU) ($1.8bn: Marketplace – C2C)
  47. Intarcia Therapeutics (US) ($1.75bn HealthTech)
  48. Tanium (US) ($1.75bn Network Solutions)
  49. DocuSign (US) $1.6bn Enterprise Tech)
  50. mongoDB (US) ($1.6bn Software)
  51. insidesales (US) ($1.6bn Enterprise Tech – Sales)
  52. Adyen (NL) ($1.5bn: Fintech – Payments)
  53. Oscar (US: $1.5bn Fintech – Health Insurance)
  54. IronSource (IL) ($1.5bn Software – Distribution)
  55. Koudai (CN) ($1.4bn: Mobile Commerce)
  56. Jasper (US) ($1.4bn: IoT)
  57. deem (US) ($1.35bn: FinTech – Mobile)
  58. SoFi (US) ($1.3bn: FinTech)
  59. Sunrun (US) ($1.3bn: Energy)
  60. Lazada (KR) ($1.25bn: Ecommerce)
  61. Appnexus (US) ($1.2bn: Media – Advertising)
  62. Warby Parker (US) ($1.2bn Ecommerce)
  63. Infinidat (IL) ($1.2bn: Data)
  64. Sprinklr (US) ($1.170: Enterprise Tech)
  65. Automattic (US) ($1.160bn: Software – Publishing)
  66. Twilio (US) ($1.1bn: Communications)
  67. Good Technology (US) ($1.1bn: Enterprise Tech)
  68. Proteus (US) ($1.1bn: HealthTech)
  69. Actifio (US) ($1.1bn: Enterprise Tech – Data)
  70. Tango (US) ($1.1bn: Mobile – Social Networking)
  71. Nextdoor (US) ($1.1bn: Media – Social Networking)
  72. Docker (US) ($1.070bn: Software)
  73. Gilt Groupe (US) ($1.050bn: Ecommerce – Fashion)
  74. Transferwise (UK) ($1bn: FinTech)
  75. Shazam (US) ($1bn: Mobile/Media – Music)
  76. Shopify (CA) ($1bn: FinTech – B2B)
  77. CloudFlare (US) ($1bn: Enterprise Tech)
  78. Eventbrite (US) ($1bn: Ecommerce – Ticketing)
  79. Credit Karma (US) ($1bn: FinTech)
  80. Lookout (US) ($1bn: Mobile – Security)
  81. AppDynamics (US) ($1bn: SaaS – Software Performance)
  82. Hootsuite (CA) ($1bn: Media – Social Media Management)
  83. Kabam (US) $1bn: Software – Games)
  84. Klarna (SE) ($1bn: FinTech – Ecommerce Payments)
  85. Farfetch (UK) ($1bn: Ecommerce – Fashion)
  86. Funding Circle (UK) ($1bn: FinTech)
  87. Razer (US) ($1bn: Consumer Tech: Gaming)
  88. Fanli (CN) ($1bn: Ecommerce – B2C)
  89. Zomato (IN) ($1bn: Media/Mobile – Restaurants)
  90. JustFab (US) ($1bn: Ecommerce – B2C)
  91. Simplivity (US) ($1bn: Enterprise Tech – Data)
  92. Qualtrics (US) ($1bn: Enterprise Tech – Market Research)
  93. Mogujie (CN) ($1bn: Media – Fashion)
  94. Illumio (US) ($1bn: Enterprise Tech – Data/Security)
  95. Grabtaxi (MY) ($1bn: Transport – mobile taxi app/service)
  96. Beibei (CN) ($1bn: Ecommerce – B2C Infants)
  97. Yello mobile (KR) ($1bn: Mobile Incubator)
  98. Pluralsight (US) ($1bn: Education)
  99. Quikr (IN) ($1bn: Mobile – Classified Ads – IN)
  100. InMobi (IN) ($1bn: Mobile – Advertising – US)



Chartered psychologist specialising in consumer behaviour, wellbeing and technology. Certified CX professional experienced in Design Thinking. A researcher, writer and speaker, Paul is head of Digital Insight at SYZYGY.

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