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The Uberfication of Retail: Thomas Pink 90 Minute Shirt Delivery

Whilst Uber, the disruptive on-demand mobile taxi service, gets bounced from court to court in Germany – today it’s been banned again, before undoubtedly being unbanned, again – the rest of the world is progressing quite nicely with Uberfication (transforming the web into on-demand mobile services).

Take for example Thomas Pink, the popular London shirt tailor and retailer – their pretty brochureware and traditional e-commerce website has just been ‘uberfied’ into an on-demand mobile service that will deliver your shirt to your office – or wherever you and your mobile phone are located – in 90 minutes.  Useful for meetings when you need that fresh shirt.

Is this the beginning of the mainstream uberfication of retail? We’ve already seen disruptors offering on-demand mobile shopping services in the form of showrooming apps (Amazon), and retailers such as Amazon and Sephora offering on-demand mobile shopping information services – through augmented reality. And even Uber itself is getting in on the act rolling out its UberFRESH shopping delivery service.

Uberfication is a mindset thing – it starts with the on-demand mobile service value proposition.  Help me. Here. Now.  In other words, Uberfication starts at the point of need – wherever a and whenever, and then builds an on-demand mobile service for that point of need to, well, service that need.  Isn’t it time you began mapping need-points in time and space that your brand could monetise through an on-demand mobile service?




Written by
Dr Paul Marsden
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