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Speed Summary: Roundup of Digital Marketing Trends Predictions for 2014

It’s that time of year again, when digital marketers turn to predicting what 2014 will hold in store for them.

So here’s a round up of what the industry predicts to be the big digital marketing trends of 2014, with broad consensus on three big themes: video marketing, “agile marketing” and content marketing:

  • Video Marketing – including TV advertising
  • Agile Marketing – Making real-time real
  • Content Marketing – Content is King. Really.


  • Immersive Experiences – Absorbing entertainment, narratives and brand experiences
  • Do you speak visual? – Imagery supplants text
  • Age of Impatience – Instant gratification rules okay
  • Mobile as Gateway to Opportunity – Mobile becomes a value delivery channel
  • Telepathic technology – Rise of brain computer interfaces
  • End of Anonymity – Privacy really is a 20 Century phenomenon
  • Raging against the Machine – Resenting impersonal technology
  • Remixing transition – Mashups are back
  • Proudly imperfect – Authenticity and quirkiness.
  • Mindful living – Helping consumers live in the moment


  • Guilt-free status – low impact marketing and consumption – guilt free is the new status symbol
  • Crowd-shaped – Connected crowds come of age
  • Made Greener by/for China – China is going to be where the eco-innovation action is
  • Mychiatry – Objects connected to minds not just bodies
  • No Data – Delivering value without excessive data
  • The Internet of Caring Things – connected objects will center around people in 2014
  • Global brain – Inspiration from the global village


  • Quality is King: Less landfill, less volume – a focus on quality (James Hilton AKQA)
  • Truth Marketing: Less artifice, more meaning (Nir Wegrzyn BrandOpus)
  • Location-based real-time marketing – 2014 is the year the promise becomes reality (Tim Grimes, Defected Records)
  • Youth Marketing: Making digital work for the youth wallet (Emily Cramp, ThinkHouse)
  • Brands as Personalities: Brands will develop digital brand personalities (Ben Romberg, Tug)


  • Location-based Marketing
  • Content Curation
  • Social Media Diversification (Beyond the Big Three)
  • More Video Marketing
  • Re-marketing / Re-targeting


  • Digital agencies will need to prioritise innovation
  • Rise of Short Video
  • B2B will find more success through education rather than conversation
  • Content marketing becomes more targeted
  • Social media data collection will come under scrutiny
  • Social marketing will combine real world and online world
  • Smartphone apps will mature


  • Identity Based Eco-System – Digital to become about brand identity
  • Content Curation and Aggregation – The Pinterestification of digital
  • Video = Device Agnostic – Video will be the hero of 2014, and it will be everywhere
  • The 4 Screen Revolution – Screens with everything
  • Social Literacy Skills Required – Identity management for everyone

Marketing Magazine (AU)

  • Relevant retail – using digital to build relevant retail experiences around what consumers actually want.
  • The rise of the CXO – in an experience economy, we need a Chief Experience Officer
  • User experience – it’s about the product, not the screen
  • Owned media strategies for content marketing – becoming interesting and useful again
  • Big data gets small – The value of data is in informing the details of customer experience

Marketing Magazine (UK)

  • The move to real-time content marketing
  • Mobile-first strategies
  • Investment in quality content
  • Shift to video
  • Transmedia marketing

Dave Chaffey

  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Big Data


Written by
Dr Paul Marsden
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