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Periodic Table of Content Marketing (high resolution)

At first glance, this ‘periodic table of content marketing‘ from Chris Lake at econsultancy looks like yet more content marketing nonsense.  Any approach with more than 130 moving parts is far too complicated to be useful to real humans – except for agencies trying to bamboozle clients into thinking they need an expensive team of rocket scientists (and Pulitzer prize winners) on the case.

But take a closer look, and the Content Marketing Periodic Table is surprisingly useful – with a useful colour-coded paint-by-numbers approach to getting the job done when using publishing channels as opposed to advertising channels to achieve marketing goals (a good no-nonsense definition of content marketing).

  1. First, decide which marketing goal (blue) you want to achieve using publishing channels – and your strategy for how you want to achieve it (yellow)
  2. Figure out the formats (gold) you plan on using
  3. Think about the content types (pink) that will appeal to your target audience
  4. Share your content across key platforms (lilac)
  5. Track key metrics (green) and map this to your marketing objective (blue)
  6. Be aware of the main sharing triggers (mint)
  7. Always double check your work (baby blue)

Click image for hi resolution larger image.


Written by
Dr Paul Marsden
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