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Luxury Brand Utility – Hermès: How to Tie a Silk Knot

Should luxury brands do brand utility?  Hermès thinks so.

No longer do you have to watch Basic Instinct to know how to tie a Hermès silk scarf knot – there’s a new Hermès app for that…

Not just for Christian Greys of the world, the Hermès Silk Knots app shows owners of the famous French carré a myriad of tie-ups.

Given that Hermès sells a new patterned carré every 25 seconds, the app stands to help a lot of people, not just Charlie Hunnam.

Rather than shun brand utility, we think luxury should celebrate and embrace it; we’ve being working with a number of luxury brands recently and we’ve found there’s more to luxury than flattering the senses and the Veblenian signalling of wealth, status and elegance; luxury is also about a self-affirming search for perfection.

Helping people in that search for perfection is what luxury brand utility should be about. The Hermès Silk Knots app helps.





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