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Interactive Cocktail Menu: Digital Point of Sale Tokyo-Style

Here’s a great digital innovation from Tokyo cocktail bar Logbar, a tablet-based interactive cocktail menu – browse, customise or even create your own cocktail (selecting glass, alcoholic ingredients, mixers and adornments) from the tablet menu.

The fun bit about Takuro Yoshida‘s interactive menu is that you can add your own creation to the menu for others to see – and if other customers buy it, you get a discount on your own drinks!

And as you might hope in a cocktail bar, the cocktail menu supports table to table flirting.  Nice touch.

The opportunity here for brands is to sponsor an app developer to take this idea and work it up into a service for upscale cocktail bars. The sponsoring brand could feature their own drinks – whether alcohol or mixers.

This would be brand utility done digitally and done right – brands at the service of their customer – bars and clubs.

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