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Brand Utility – 20 More Examples

Of course, brands need to be useful – solve peoples problems – but should digital marketing be useful too?  We think so – we’re fans of branded utility – marketing designed to serve and support people rather than merely interrupt people.

So here is another set of 20 examples, taken from PHD’s Anjali Ramachandran wondrous – if a little dated – wiki on branded utility,  of brands choosing to market themselves by being useful to people, rather than being a nuisance…

  1. Orange GlastNav Augmented reality app to help Glastonbury Music Festival revellers plan and navigate around the event
  2. Guinness Moments of Greatness Mobile app with navigation and translations for visitors to the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens event
  3. Charmin Sit of Squat Mobile app with crowdsourced map of public conveniences rated by cleanliness
  4. J&J Baby Center Website for moms and moms to be
  5. Uniqlo’s Uniqlock Downloadable screensaver clock
  6. Bugaboo’s Day Trips PDF Day trips for parents and kids in strollers
  7. Plum’s Plum Vision Online Baby TV from the Organic Baby food brand
  8. Bank of America’s Keep the Change Savings service – card payments rounded up to nearest dollar, and balance transferred to account
  9. Halifax Share Price Alert – investor email alert service
  10. Michelin Driving Guides – maps, and routes branded website and books
  11. Clear Channel City Bikes – Norwegian city bikes
  12. IKEA SXSWi Lounge – Branded hospitality lounges
  13. IKEA BoKlok – IKEA homes to furnish with IKEA products
  14. Sears Catalog Homes – Kit houses from Sears to furnish with Sears products
  15. Starbucks Music Kiosks – Doomed CD burning booths in the coffee shops
  16. British Airways Metrotwins – Social network sharing travel recommendations (now a Facebook App called Perfect Days)
  17. Target Gift Finder – find recommended gifts by age/sex/occasion
  18. Lucky At Your Service – Store finder app from Lucky magazine showing where to find advertised products
  19. Nike Goal – Live soccer match updates (Italy)
  20. MINI Road Assist – Roadside assistance app from MINI
Written by
Dr Paul Marsden
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