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10 New Digital POS Innovations to Save the Retail Store

“If it has a Product Code, Amazon will kill you”.

True for small online stores, and even more true for in-store retail?

Well in-store retail is fighting back – fighting digital fire with digital fire – using digital POS (point of sale) technology to…

  • Turn legacy in-store commerce into ‘destination commerce’ experiences worth visiting and…
  • Transform showrooming threat into an opportunity adaptive POS that offers online price matching
  • Create a seamless ‘omnichannel’ experience that links up in-store commerce to e-commerce
  • Harness the opportunity of cost effective and easy to use iOS smartphone/tablet devices for POS (why pay for expensive POS displays when every customer has their own smartphone?)

Of course, check out the SYZYGY free report on how digital POS is re-inventing retail, but here are 10 new digital additional POS innovations that capture some of these big trends…

1. Harris + Hoole Coffee (UK) smartphone POS app that lets customers order, pay for, and get loyalty points) – it’s what the next generation Starbucks POS app should do…

2. Kate Spade (NYC) – Real Window Shopping.  The next generation pop-up shop is just a shop window.  Around NYC this summer Kate Spade (using eBay’s shoppable windows technology) created high visibility ‘fake’ stores with real windows featuring a real giant POS ‘tablet’ that consumers can shop from.  Offers 1 hour local delivery.

3. The Bingham Hotel (London) ‘Pay with Your Face’.  Simply show your face to the checkout clerk, and if it matches the PayPal profile photo they have (because you’ve checked in on PayPal POS smartphone app using the new ‘Local’ tab – they charge your room to your PayPal account (if you ok an alert)

4. Kiehls (NYC) interactive display tables by Perch interactive projection screening onto display table provide information and views about products on display

5. PARCO fashion (Tokyo) connected Vanquish brand hangers (from teamlab) show promotional wall video when garment is removed

6. NCR (US) iPad checkout registers – traditional checkout register manufacturer joins the iOS’ification of mPOS (mobiel point of sale) systems with and iPad POS checkout device with CRM/sales analytics built in

7. Casino supermarkets (France) NFC tags on shelves offer product information and allow self-checkout using smartphone as mPOS.

8. Kellogg’s Tweet Store (London) Pop-up sample store in London with ePOS where you pay with a Tweet

9. Runners Need (London) live online price matching – Internet connected ePOS finds lowest price online. Turns showrooming into an opportunity


10. Budgens supermarket Hope Blocks (London) – lo-tech approach to in-store giving, blocks of wood on shelves next to products that can placed in basket and scanned for donation (an idea waiting to be properly digitalised)



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Dr Paul Marsden
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  • Taking Kate Spade Saturday one step further would enable users to try the clothes on in a virtual change room before buying – that would take a cool concept and make it super cool!!

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