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Yahoo! Goes Social Shopping – Buys Group-Buy Social Commerce Platform

Yahoo!, or rather its Australian subsidiary, Yahoo!7, today announced it had purchased popular Aussie (+NZ) group-buy platform Spreets (revenue $4m/month), for a reported AU$40m (US$40m), joining Microsoft’s (MSN) antipodean foray into social commerce with Cudo (another group-buy platform).

The Aussie group-buy space is peculiar insofar that one of the players, Scoopon, registered the .au domain for Groupon, thus compromising launch of the global social commerce leader in that market (whilst legal challenges are ongoing, Groupon has launched with the domain StarDeals).

But could this be a part of the future for social commerce platforms, integrated into Web portals and content providers, as a way of monetizing eyeballs? Imagine if Google launched a group-buy video deals site on YouTube…

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