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UX Happiness Insights: Time-Saving Experiences Boost Happiness by 8%

Time-saving experiences can boost happiness by 8%.  That’s the finding of a new international study published in the scientific journal PNAS. And it’s the reason why a key goal of positive CX and UX should be to save people time.

The Buying Time Promotes Happiness study found that people who spend money on time-saving products, services and experiences are significantly happier (measured in terms of positive mood and life satisfaction). And to demonstrate the causal link, a controlled experiment showed that making a time-saving purchase resulted in an 8% boost to happiness (as measured by positive emotion) (mean happiness = 4.00 vs. 3.71 control). You can dig into the stats here.

The explanation for the link between time-saving purchases and happiness is twofold. First, your life is just 2.5 billion heartbeats long, and by making time-saving purchases, you free up more heartbeats to do the things that make you happy, Secondly, by making time-saving purchases, you reduce time-stress that undermines happiness.

So it turns out that money can buy you happiness, as long as you spend it on time-saving products, services and experiences. So by saving people time, as well as effort, CX and UX professionals will be contributing to human happiness.

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