Universal Pictures Uses Facebook Game to Promote Tower Heist Movie [screenshots]

I love heist movies. My list of top films include everything from the 1967 western starring John Wayne and Kirk Douglas, The War Wagon, to Ocean’s Eleven, The Italian Job and even Kelly’s Heroes.

The latest in this genre, Universal Pictures’ recent release, Tower Heist, has incorporated f-commerce as part of its promotional efforts using a first-of-its-kind Facebook-based game called Heist It Back.

In the three weeks leading up to the movie’s November 4 theatrical release, the game invited Facebook users to “heist back” one million Facebook Credits, and over 52,000 responded to the invitation.

The game challenged fans to find Ponzi schemer Arthur Shaw’s (played by Alan Alda) stolen fortune – in the form of Facebook Credits – hidden within Facebook. Users who found Shaw’s fortune and invited friends to “heist it back” were rewarded with Facebook Credits that can be used to play games and purchase entertainment, including movies and music on Facebook.

Here are the results from the Heist It Back Facebook campaign:

  • 52,000 active game players
  • 384,391 digital “heists” performed
  • 18,617 user stories submitted
  • 94,062 Friends invited to participate in the game
  • 208,000 replies to shared stories from friends
  • More than 4.1 million impressions from Facebook shared and discovered stories
  • 157 million impressions from page posts
  • 1 million Facebook Credits redeemed

Technology for the campaign was created by social commerce platform provider IFeelGoods and interactive agency The Branding Farm.

Heist It Back Facebook game promotes Tower Heist movie

Tower Heist movie Facebook game Heist It Back

Heist It Back Facebook Game


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Written by Paul Chaney