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Twangü / GroupBuy App on Facebook

Twangü, derived from the Chinese word “tuangou” for team buying, is a GroupBuy social commerce app on Facebook that allows people to shop as a team (and get discounts from vendors bidding for their business).

Think Mobshop and Mercata for the Facebook generation.

Didn’t work out in those early days – but was that because e-commerce was a mere fledgling and there was no mass platform like FB to support it – or when it comes down to it are people just not that collaborative?  Time will tell for Twangü…

But, where I’d put money on Twangü style GrouBuy apps is not consumerville, but in B2B – for office stationary, furniture, IT etc. A B2B Twangu-esque social commerce app (in or out of Facebook) would be the darling of purchasing departments and CFOs.

Check out Twangü’s animoto video below…


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