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Travelocity Starts Selling on Facebook, F-Commerce for Airlines to Follow

Leading online travel agent Travelocity (owned by Sabre Holdings) has started selling car hire bookings via a wall app in Facebook through its HolidayAutos brand in Germany. The wall app (in German) appears functional (but somewhat worryingly the address bar refers to ‘test’…)

With travel being an eminently social event, it was fairly inevitable that the travel industry would be early adopters of social media storefronts in general, and f-commerce in particular:

A week ago, leading European low cost airline EasyJet announced that it was looking to introduce f-commerce to enable customers to make bookings directly from within Facebook. Currently EasyJet offers a wall app on Facebook for group holiday planning, but not booking (image below).

Of note also is startup Bonvoy, developing an f-commerce wall app that “will have the ability to book and reserve not only air but also hotel and car” and a new venture featuring the great and the good from Expedia, currently codenamed NewTravelCo looking to harness people’s increased connectivity with a new travel service.  Watch this space.

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