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Toyota Car Configurator Goes Social (Video)

Toyota has demoed its upcoming new social car configurator at Google’s I/O conference.  Check out the video below.

Built in collaboration with Google and Saatchi & Saatchi LA and Joystick Interactive, the new social shopping Toyota app will allow people to configure a car together in a Google Hangout session. Up to five people can actively take part choosing features and colours in real time, whilst a further 5 can look on and comment. Then participants can take a virtual Street View test-drive though a chosen location by plugging in Google Maps coordinates. Finally, a local dealer can drop into the hangout to invite people for a real test drive.

The virtues (or not) of design by committee aside, this is social commerce done right – helping people shop smarter with social technology.  Social as a (omnichannel) service – not social spam.

screenshot_1939 screenshot_1938 screenshot_1937

Written by
Dr Paul Marsden
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