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TNW’s 6 DOs And DON’Ts of F-Commerce [with 9 Screenshots]

Amalia Agathou over at TheNextWeb has posted a useful “6 Do’s and Don’t of f-commerce” (executing transactions in Facebook without leaving the network or leveraging the open graph by integrating Facebook into traditional site-based e-commerce platforms).

Check out the article, but here are Amelia’s 6 Do’s and Don’ts – with screenshots to help with planning.

  1. Do: Give your fans special treatment (e.g. Nine West offering fans 15% discount, or Rachel Roy “only available on Facebook” jewelry
  2. Don’t: Neglect your looks (f-store design matters – the  P&G’s Pampers Store sets the standard
  3. Do: Make a pop-up store (temporary stores for events and flash sales e.g. Disney’s Toy Story ticketing, and P&G’s Old Spice campaign merchandise store and their Pantene ‘get-it-first’ store)
  4. Don’t: Rely on just an F-store. (Enrich the customer experience with social features (Macy’s Magic Fitting Room)
  5. Do: Provide a holistic experience. (Bring Facebook to your e-commerce site (with social plugins and the open graph) as well as e-commerce to your Facebook page (e.g. Levi’s friends store, Amazon Facebook login)
  6. Don’t: Neglect customer service. (f-commerce is real time commerce – are you ready to respond to questions posted to your wall?)

Rachel Roy Pop Up Store: Make a pop-up store

Disney Toy Story Pop Up Store: Make a pop-up store

Old Spice Pop Up Store: Make a pop-up store

Nine West Fan Shop: Give your fans special treatment

Pantene Get it First Store: Give your fans special treatment

Pampers Store: Good Design

Macy’s Magic Fitting Room: Don’t Rely on just an F-store

Levi’s Friends Store: Provide a holistic experience

Amazon Facebook Login: Provide a holistic experience

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