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Titanic on Facebook Would Make Dollars Go On And On Says Milyoni

It comes as no surprise that Titanic is one of the biggest grossing films ever. With the anniversary of the ship’s sinking coming up this Sunday and the movie’s recent release in 3D, Titanic super fans are coming out of the woodwork and also spawning some newbies. It made me wonder, what if Facebook was around when Titanic was first released in 1997, particularly from a social commerce perspective?

Social commerce company Milyoni took a look at how Titanic would do if it was released on Facebook today. Did you know:

  • The theatrical release of Titanic grossed a total of $1.84 billion worldwide;
  • The worldwide video and DVD sales and rentals grossed $1.2 billion;
  • If released today on Facebook, the movie could earn up to $4.25 billion (850 million Facebook users multiplied by typical on-demand screening price of $5 = 50 Facebook Credits). That’s a whopping 40% increase in sales!

But wait, there’s more:

  • The recent 3D release brought in $25.7 million;
  • If released today in 3D on Facebook, the move could earn up to $10.2 billion (850 million Facebook users multiplied by typical 3D screening price of $12 = 120 Facebook Credits). That a 297% increase in sales.

Today, Titanic is exploding over social media:

  •  # of Likes on official Titanic Facebook page: over 19 million
  • # of Facebook pages related to Titanic: over 50
  • # of Likes: more than 44,466,106
  • # of Tweets related to Titanic in the last year 72,860
  • # of Tweets in the past month mentioning the Titanic Movie 26,076

Finally, though the idea of streaming Titanic on Facebook might somewhat diminish its grandeur, here’s how Milyoni envisioned what the experience might look like:

Titanic movie on Facebook

PS: Just for grins, here’s Celine singing the theme song. :-)

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