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Three Cheers for Vuitton Fashion Show on Facebook

Pierre Raiman over at the Sherpad social commerce blog has posted an article on Vuitton’s choice of Facebook for streaming it’s fashion show – resulting in a big bump in sign ups to Vuitton’s art of travel Facebook page (run as a ‘Flog’ – Facebook blog).

It’s good to see luxury brands, previously laggards in digital media (ikky flash-based brochureware only) jumping ahead of the pack and embracing social media like this.  Smart move not to stream from the Vuitton website or worse a microsite – but from the comfort of people’s Facebook pages.  Add into the mix the social commerce activity of parent company LVMH’s cosmetics retail chain, Sephora, and you have the emergence of a social media sales machine.

All we need now is a Vuitton storefront.  So Vuitton, when can we have a LVMH version of BagBorroworSteal in Facebook?


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