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The 8 Basics of Building Brands and Business with Facebook

Facebook has just launched its official Facebook for Business hub, consolidating and synthesising various previously existent pages and resources.  Under three themes, ‘Build a Presence’, ‘Engage Your Community’ and ‘Get the Word Out’ Facebook provides 8 building blocks for for boosting business with Facebook

Build a presence
1. Create a Page: Treat your Facebook Page like a hub where people can connect with you, learn what you have to offer and become your fans
2. Claim your Place and let people check in: Link your Page to a Place so people can let their Facebook friends know whenever they check in to your store or website
3. Make your website social: Add the Like button and other social features to your website to create engaging, personalized experiences on and off Facebook
[x. Add a Store: Add a Facebook fan-store to your Facebook presence to provide your Facebook presence with a business case]

Engage your community
4. Join the conversation: Use your Page to post regular updates and offer special content to generate comments, likes and loyalty
5. Build relationships: Get to know your fans and make people feel at home by responding to Page feedback in a predictable, timely way
6. Gain valuable insights: Learn how your audience is interacting with your Page and make adjustments to increase engagement
[x. Drive involvement: Engage your audience as advisors on what and how you sell]

Get the word out
7. Create an Ad: Run highly effective Facebook Ads to get the word out to exactly who you want using targeting criteria such as interests, location and more
8. Amplify word of mouth: Set up Sponsored Stories to take advantage of friends talking to friends about your business
[x. Activate advocacy: Get the word out by activating fan advocacy with fan-exclusives and referral incentives]

Ok, so it’s all a little motherhood and apple pie, and there are vested interests at play, with Facebook pushing it’s paid-for services – ad units (classic and word of mouth (‘Sponsored Stories’) versions). Nevertheless it’s a nice, jargon-free distillation of current best-practice Facebook marketing, and a useful framework for structuring your Facebook strategy.  As you’ll see we’ve layered an additional social commerce recommendation to each rubric in order to extend this into a social commerce framework, compatible with this ‘official’ version.  Let us know what you think.

Interestingly, Facebook is pushing itself (rightly so – in our eyes) as ultimately a word of mouth platform, explaining that the point of engagement is not engagement, but word of mouth, and signing off on its 8 tips with the did-you-know? insight “Word of mouth marketing has been found to be two times more effective at driving results than traditional advertising”.

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