The 2011 Social + Commerce Scenes: Market Segmentation/Top Players [Image Download]

Here’s are a couple of great logo collage of e-commerce and social media players from investment bankers Luma Partners. It’s interesting to see how the investor industry sees the market – and who’s on their radar.

For the e-commerce industry, what’s also interesting is how Luma has segmented the market into 8 key segments – and the place they’ve given over to the daily deal segment (almost half the chart)…

  1. Daily Deals (Classic, Publisher, Realtime, White Label, Exchanges, Aggregators, Secondary Market, Analytics)
  2. Flash Sales (Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Home)
  3. Social Commerce
  4. Price Comparison
  5. Marketplaces/Auctions
  6. E-Commerce Implementation (General, Social Enablers, Storefront/Cart, Payment Specific, Order Management, Fulfilment/Distribution)
  7. E-Commerce Analytics
  8. Affiliates

Also of note are the companies that Luma has chosen to bundle into social commerce.  Some will be happy that group-buy sites do not appear in the social commerce category (they’re under daily deals), nor are marketplaces such as Etsy or flash sales included as social commerce (they have their own categories).  More controversially, f-commerce doesn’t count either as social commerce either; f-commerce companies (8thbridge, dotbox, payvment…) are bundled into ‘e-commerce implementation’ or – in the accompanying social media chart – into their own Facebook Commerce category.

What Luma does consider to be social commerce are ‘push shopping’ sites such as shoedazzle, jewelmint, and solesociety and ‘social shopping’ sites/social recommender systems such as Ping, Kaboodle, ThisNext and Svpply. In the accompanying social media collage, Luma also includes a ‘social commerce’ category, but this time includes ‘shop and share’ sites such as Lockerz, Swipely, and ShopSocially, as well as social shopping site GiantNerd.

Click for larger downloadable images or download the slideshare PDFs (we’ve included the mobile chart too).

E-Commerce Category: Key Segments and Players

Social Media Category: Key Segments & Players


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Written by Paul Marsden