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Super Bowl XLVI Gets Its Game On with First-Ever Social Media Command Center [screenshots]

Super Bowl XLVI is getting its social media game on. The largest annual sporting event in the world has introduced a new way to service fans – via its first-ever social media command center.

The command center is staffed by a team of 50 people who are monitoring more than 300 keywords. According to Taulbee Jackson, president and CEO of Indianapolis-based digital media agency Raidious, which is overseeing the command center operation, they are already managing more than 1,500 published responses to fan comments per day – a number expected to grow dramatically as the game approaches.

The team responds to fan comments in real-time, provides directions and venue information, as well as gathers and shares information to ensure fans don’t miss any of the action. The staff also provides fan-powered tips on what’s happening via four social media channels – Facebook,TwitterYouTube, and Flickr. Security is a major issue and the command center will help with emergency management and as-needed crisis assistance.

Here is a list of details regarding the social media command center.


  • 50 staff and volunteers working over the course of two weeks, in two shifts
  • 2,800 sq ft. facility seats up to 35
  • Upgraded to redundant fibre internet access (20 up / 20 down)
  • iPad controlled integrated A/V system
  • 9-screen monitor wall (over 100 sq feet)
  • (12) 27” iMac Touch Down stations
  • (6) Producer stations
  • Conference Room, Reception Area, Coffee + Drinks
  • Game-Planning Station overlooking Meridian Street
  • Approx. 300 sq ft of whiteboard space
  • Located at corner of Meridian and Maryland above the Hard Rock Cafe


  1. Safety – respond first to any safety-oriented issue / crisis
  2. Super Service – respond to any negative dialog related to the city or event, & help people have a great experience!
  3. Coverage – know what’s happening when and where, capture it and publish it
  4. Amplification – find positive dialog, or positive consumer content, and amplify it

Super Bowl XLVI social media command center

Social media command center

Super Bowl XLVI social media command center

Social media command center

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