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Stat Attack: Secret to UK Social Commerce Success – Exclusives, Deals & Recommendations [Survey]

”Brands need to offer exclusives, powerful recommendations, discounts and group-buying to create a more social shopping experience”.  That’s the conclusion of  the Havas Media Social 2011 Social Commerce Survey in the UK (n = 1007, representative, June 2011) conducted by Lightspeed. Amy Kean, Director of Social Media at Havas recommended brands against simply replicating their online store in Facebook – social commerce has to offer something new, exclusive – and social.  And if you want a road map for doing just that – check out our latest report – Social Commerce: The Opportunity for Brands.

Here’s a run down of the Havas findings of the research (usual caveats about survey research and faster horses apply). One stat that caught our eye was the consumer interest for group-buy services for friends (as opposed to strangers), allowing friends to club together to get group-discounts.

  • 77% of consumers would like special deals from brands that they can redeem through Facebook
  • 30% of people like brands on Facebook to get special offers
  • 25% of consumers would purchase a product on Facebook if it wasn’t available anywhere else
  • 11% of consumers would buy on Facebook if it was a fan-only exclusive
  • 55% would “check-in” to a venue or store via a site such as Facebook or FourSquare to get special deals
  • 70% of people would be more likely to buy things on Facebook that were targeted to them based on their interests or previous shopping behaviour
  • 60% of men and 48% of women would be interested in a group-buy for friends service
  • 40% of people have received special offers from brands on Facebook
  • 40% of people receiving deals on Facebook have redeemed the offer
  • 89% of people have yet to buy anything on Facebook
  • 44% are not currently interested in buying on Facebook
  • 17% would buy from a social network if it was easier than the traditional ecommerce experience
  • 22% would buy from Facebook if they could do so from a brand they know and trust
  • 44% believe a social network store is less less secure than a regular ecommerce site
  • 53% of consumers were more likely to look up information about a brand if a friend had recommended it
  • 17% are more likely to buy from a brand if it is recommended by someone they know
  • 65% of respondents say that they would only ever spend between £1 and £50 on a social site such as Facebook
  • Clothes, music and tickets for entertainment were cited to be the most likely type of product that consumers would buy on Facebook
  • 6% of people believe they are likely to buy a holiday on Facebook
  • 38% of people believe that none of their online shopping over the next year will be conducted via a social network
  • 51% state that social network e-commerce is likely to account for less that 10% of their online spend
  • 28% of people like brands to enter a competition
  • 35% of people stop following brands because brands post too frequently
  • 33% of people stop following brands because posts become repetitive or boring

Chartered psychologist specialising in consumer behaviour, wellbeing and technology. Certified CX professional experienced in Design Thinking. A researcher, writer and speaker, Paul is head of Digital Insight at SYZYGY.

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