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Speed Summary: Harvard Business Review – Six Social Media Trends to Watch

David Armano of Edelman Digital has shared his 6 social media predictions for 2012 on Harvard Business Review blog; worth noting…

  1. Convergence Emergence – social goes transmedia; social OOH (out-of-home -aka interactive posters/billboards) and social POS (socially connected point of sale)
  2. The Cult of Influence – measuring, harnessing and exploiting social influence – Klout is just the beginning
  3. Gamification Nation – increasing social app appeal with game techniques breaks out of consumer-ville and into professional and public applications
  4. Social Sharing – from frictionless (automatic) sharing to elective sharing, we’ll be sharing more of what we do with the world
  5. Social Television – second screen social interaction around TV; Twitter voting/feedback and TV check-in apps like Get Glue are just the start
  6. The Micro Economy – peer-to-peer marketplaces, open-outsourcing (crowdsourcing) contests to flourish in an economy where efficiency rules

Check out the comments too – in-between Klout-haters there are some interesting reactions.

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