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Speed Summary | 5 Social Commerce Tips from Agency:2

Social media agencies across the globe are dropping the “at” in ‘conversation’ to talk ‘conversion’, and contribute their social smarts to the social commerce trend. Apparently markets were not conversations after-all, they are, and always have been, well, markets – places where transactions happen.

So here’s a speed summary of 5 smart social commerce tips from Joel Davis, co-founder of the London-based of social media commerce  agency:2

  1. Make the User Journey as Easy as Possible: If you’re going to sell in new ways – like on Facebook – you need to show customers how easy and beneficial it is
  2. Remember it’s SOCIAL Commerce: don’t just sell, service as well – use social media to service customers, and allow customers to service each other
  3. Monitor to Personalize: use social analytics such as Facebook Insights to tailor and personalise what, where, when and how you sell with social media, and for how much
  4. Provide Exclusive Content: make social customers feel special with special products/deals.  Unless you offer them a reason to shop with social media, they won’t
  5. More than the Facebook store: social commerce is more than throwing up a store on Facebook.  Use the Facebook Open Graph Protocol and social plugins to bring Facebook to site-based e-commerce, and more generally use social technology to offer a personalised experience that helps people discover and decide

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