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Speed Summaries | New Social Commerce Presentations from PayPal and Skive

Here are two useful and new presentations, with speed summaries, for your download and delectation from PayPal and Skive – the London, digital creative agency.
First, the PayPal presentation from social media strategist Sudha Jamthe (@sujamthe), entitled “Trends in Social Commerce“:
Top takeouts
  • 10 Social Commerce Trends
    1. Gaming + Location tied to Loyalty Programs (Ben & Jerry’s, Starbucks)
    2. Near Field Communications (Bling Nation) (see video below)
    3. Combining Online and Offline (Treatbot)
    4. Virtual Currency Bought with Real Money (Zynga)
    5. Crowdsourcing for Deals (Groupon, GoSqueesh)
    6. Realtime Price Comaprison using Mobile (RedLaser)
    7. Buy on Social Networks (Delta)
    8. Transient Location Based Mobile Coupons (Virgin)
    9. Ecommerce Sites going Social (eBay Sears (@UXSears)
    10. Friends Make Friends Buy – Events, Fashion Apps, Mobile Payments
Next, top takeouts from the Skive presentation from Senior Marketing Manager Tom Ollerton (@mrtomollerton), entitled “The Future of Social Commerce“:
  • The Future of Social Commerce involves 3 areas:
    • Facebook Credits
    • F-Commerce (Facebook Commerce)
    • Facebook Places
  • Social Commerce Stats
    • 23% of Twitter users follow businesses to find special promotions or sales
    • 14% of Twitter users use the stream to find and share products and opinions
    • 25% of customers connect with brands on Facebook to receive discounts
    • More than 50% of Facebook fans and 67% of Twitters users are more likely to make a purchase from the brands they follow
    • Facebook and Twitter visitors spend 1.5x more online that other Internet users
  • Facebook Credits
    • Facebook Credits may be set become a global currency
      • $1 = 10 FB Credits (Facebook takes 30% Commission)
      • FB Credits can be used to buy digital goods in over 150 social games on Facebook
      • Playfish, Playdom and Zynga have signed 5 year agreements to use FB Credits
      • Stand Up to Cancer is the first charity to accept FB Credits as donations
      • FB Credits can be purchased in-store  (Target, Walmart and Best Buy (US), Tesco, Game (UK))
      • ifeelgoods is the first platform that allows marketers to offer FB Credits as incentives outside social games
      • ShopKick retail rewards program/app offers FB Credits as rewards
    • Facebook Credits – The Opportunity for Brands
      • Brands can sell products/virtual goods using Facebook Credits so that their page becomes a revenue generator
      • Offers ability to create offers unique to Facebook – e.g. special editions, ‘first to buy’ that can be redeemed with Facebook credits.
      • Incentivise purchase with Facebook credits
      • Interactions and engagement with the brand can be rewarded with Facebook credits – ‘liking’ the brand, commenting, sharing etc.
  • F-Commerce (Facebook Commerce)
    • 3rd Party Facebook Apps that allow customers to buy without leaving Facebook include
    • Brands using F-Commerce
      • Levi’s (Friend’s Store)
      • Disney
      • Pampers
      • Mark (Avon)
      • Max Factor
  • Facebook Places

    • Facebook Places is a application for geolocation – based ‘check-ins.’
    • But Facebook has recently added to this by launching Facebook Deals
      • An easy way for brands to offer deals to customers using Facebook Places.
      • The ‘Deals’ feature is similar to Foursquare’s check ins.
      • Currently this is only available in the U.S but will roll out to more users in the next few months.
    • Facebook Deals offer Loyalty in the Palm of Your Hand
    • Four types of Facebook Deals
      • Individual
      • Charity
      • Loyalty
      • Social
    • Brands using Facebook Deals
      • Gap (Free pair of jeans for first 10K checkins on Nov 5, and 40% off for everyone)
      • 24hr Fitness – every check-in to a 24hrs Fitness Gym, $1 to KaBOOM charity (up to $50K)

Chartered psychologist specialising in consumer behaviour, wellbeing and technology. Certified CX professional experienced in Design Thinking. A researcher, writer and speaker, Paul is head of Digital Insight at SYZYGY.