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Social Commerce Site Lockerz Is Pinterest with Pointz

Everyone in social media circles is salivating over Pinterest, or so it seems. Social commerce site Lockerz recently unveiled its own version of Pinterest, but with a spin – users earn points (called PTZ) for posting and sharing content. The more you post, the more PtZ you accrue.

Lockerz’s moniker is the “Social Life That Pays™,” where users get rewarded with major discounts on top brands, fashion, electronics and more just for collecting, watching and sharing content from around the web.

Site members earn Lockerz PTZ when they upload photos, grab images (Decalz®) off the Web, watch videos, invite friends, shop and more. They can then cash in PTZ for discounts in the Lockerz Shop..

Lockerz appeals to a young audience of digital natives – males and females age 13 – 30. In fact, it wants to become the ‘goto’ site for that group.

The site builds on the idea of the “taste graph,” which are social graphs that connect people based on shared interest. It also puts emphasis on finding influencers – tastemakers and trendsetters – who can become brand advocates that other people follow. The site also plans to bring in celebrities to curate sponsored collections.

Based in Seattle, the company has a growing community of millions of members in 195 countries who love to shop, share and connect online. According to Techcrunch, since its inception Lockerz members have used nearly 3 billion PTZ for millions of dollars of savings on brands, including 7 for All Mankind, James Jeans, Xbox 360, Nintendo, SkullCandy, Canon, and Olympus.

Curated social commerce where members earn reward points just for sharing stuff they love, all within a very Pinteresque look and feel — that’s the key to Lockerz success!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Hey,did anyone already try We can finally use in the US. If you like, you can get free sephora gift cards and other items there. Dshini has been doing things like lockerz in Europe for many years. I hope it takes off in the US. It is a pretty convenient way to earn and redeem points, imo. You have sort of dailies or tasks you can solve every day to earn them and redeem into free items like PS4 :)

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