Social Commerce Site Jewelmint Creates Fashion Film Series Featuring Actress Kate Bosworth

The familiar adage “necessity is the mother of invention,” could be recast in this era of social media as “customer experience is the driver of innovation.” That must be what prompted Jewelmint, a member the Beachmint family of social commerce sites, to try its hand at filmmaking.

“The Look,” directed by filmmaker Michael Polish, noted for such motion pictures as Twin Falls Idaho, For Lovers Only and Big Sur, is the first of a series of fashion-oriented films that will premiere at the beginning of each month on the Jewelmint site. According to Jewelmint, viewers can expect to be treated to something new every month, from “slice of life moments to more narrative traditional structures.” Films will vary in terms of length, tone and story.

The series features acclaimed screen star Kate Bosworth who will showcase an exclusive jewelry collection that she and celebrity stylist Cher Coulter have created. “This project gives me the opportunity to merge together two worlds I love – fashion and cinema,” said Bosworth. “With the visionary filmmaker Michael Polish at the helm of this series, customers can expect a different inspired experience every month.”

In addition to appearing on the website, the series will be distributed through Jewelmint’s YouTube channel and Facebook fan page. Coinciding with the release of the first film will be a national television broadcast campaign. JewelMint is also launching a Facebook application, which enables customers and fans to shop Bosworth’s looks from each of the fashion films.

According to BeachMint CMO, John Volturo, creating innovative customer experiences is at the heart of what’s driving the campaign. “We are always looking for ways to create fresh and exciting experiences for our customers and we feel these fashion films are reflective of that mission,” said Volturo.

Each Beachmint site – Jewelmint, Stylemint, Beautymint and Shoemint – matches a celebrity with a designer to offer exclusive product lines. In the case of StyleMint, it’s Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen serving dual roles as both celebrities and stylists. BeautyMint pairs Jessica Simpson with celebrity skincare expert, Nerida Joy, while features Rachel Bilson and celebrity stylist, Nicole Chavez, in collaboration with Steve Madden.

Beachmint refers to itself as a “Next Generation Social Commerce Company,” and with good reason. People have a natural tendency to follow authority figures, trendsetters and tastemakers and its that social commerce rule of thumb (heuristic) that Beachmint banks on to ensure its success. Having a silver screen diva as the centerpiece of this new film series doesn’t hurt either. website
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Paul Chaney
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Written by Paul Chaney