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Smoothie King Facebook Contest Encourages Customers to ‘Lean Into Life’ [screenshots]

Smoothie KingDid you make any health and fitness resolutions to kick off the new year? How’s that going? If not so well, nutritional supplements company Smoothie King may be able to help.

The company just launched a contest on its Facebook page called “Lean into Life” that is designed to encourage customers to say “yes” to living a healthy lifestyle.

“We’re launching this campaign right as people start to waver – when they are most in need of support and motivation,” said Smoothie King marketing VP, Bobby Williams, in an interview with AdWeek.

Each week, Smoothie King presents a healthy living challenge and invites Facebook fans to share a photo of themselves completing the challenge. The payoff – and this is where social commerce plays a role – is that, by doing so, entrants have a chance to win a $100 Smoothie King gift card. Participate in each of the six challenges being offered and entrants could win the grand prize of free smoothies for a year and a set of bikes.

Challenges aren’t always fitness oriented either says AdWeek. For example, one instructs consumers to spend more time with family; another asks participants to perform random acts of kindness.

Entrants are encouraged to use Instagram and tag photos with “#SmoothieKing” and “#LeanIntoLife.”

According to Williams, the reason Smoothie King chose photo sharing as the contest driver was that “photos are more inherently social…photos show what words can’t.”

If you’re flagging in zeal where new year’s resolutions are concerned, Smoothie King offers this encouragement:

Make 2013 the year you get off of life’s sidelines and into the game. It’s time for a bike ride around the neighborhood. It’s time to play tag with the kids again. It’s time to burn calories by flying a kite. And smiling. Be good to yourself and say “yes” more often this year. Because it’s time to LEAN INTO LIFE.

Smoothie King Lean into Life contest

Smoothie King Lean into Life contest challenges

Smoothie King Lean into Life contest entries

Smoothie King Lean into Life contest prizes

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