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Six Steps to Social Commerce Heaven (Video): Insights & Best Practices from UK

Online UK magazine, Internet Retailing, with ratings and reviews technology provider Bazaarvoice, have posted six video clips (embedded below) outlining a six step approach to deploying social commerce with insights from UK retailers using social commerce – M&S, QVC, eSpares and AppliancesOnline (DRL).

Structured loosely around ‘The First 90 Days”, the video clips are taken from a panel discussion about getting a social commerce solution up, running and delivering results in 90 days.

As you’d expect from a Bazaarvoice event, the six steps focus on deploying ratings and reviews (or “customer oxygen” as Bazaarvoice like to call them) – as opposed to other forms of social commerce such as f-commerce and social shopping. Nevertheless, and whilst we’re fans of the LEAD strategy for implementing social commerce (LISTEN, EXPERIMENT, APPLY, DEVELOP), the clips offer useful insights from the coal face on deploying social commerce – whatever the flavor.

The big take away for us is that Social Commerce is VOC with ROI (Voice of the Customer with Return on Investment); it’s a solution for hardwiring the voice of the customer into your business in a way that drives sales.

1. IMPLEMENT – Learn how to get started with Social Commerce, from gaining internal buy-in and facing common challenges.

2. ACQUIRE – Understand best practices for generating participation and motivating customers to contribute on your site.

3. AMPLIFY – Once you have content, you need to make use of it. How are top brands leveraging customer opinions in new and unique ways?

4. OPERATIONALISE – When the business rallies around the voice of the customer, everyone wins. How are key retailers using UGC to make business decisions?

5. ANALYSE – It is important to measure the impact of Social Commerce and understand the return on your investment.

6. EXPAND – Join a discussion as to what’s next in Social Commerce. What does the future hold and what are key trends in the industry?

IMPLEMENT (24m09s)

ACQUIRE (11m13s)

AMPLIFY (12m16s)


ANALYSE (12m09s)

EXPAND (11m45s)


Chartered psychologist specialising in consumer behaviour, wellbeing and technology. Certified CX professional experienced in Design Thinking. A researcher, writer and speaker, Paul is head of Digital Insight at SYZYGY.

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