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Publicis launch Social Commerce App / FaceShopping

When the world’s second largest retailer jumps on a trend with the world’s fourth largest advertising group – it’s worth taking note, and looking for opportunities.

Publicis through K4 (offshoot to Publicis Digitas, K4 is a digital cell dedicated to Carrefour) have launched “Faceshopping” a deal feed app for Facebook – daily shopping deals from Carrefour for Facebook members only.  The mind behind it is Michael Levy (blog) of Private Outlet fame (private shopping club).

With Deal Feeds establishing themselves in Twitter and Facebook (YouTube will surely be close behind) as a simple and effective solution to doing social commerce (Dell’s Deal Feed on Twitter has netted it over $2m sales), we’re likely to see activity coalesce around deal feeds.  A couple of predictions:

1) WPP, Omnicom and Interpublic will soon launch their variation on the Deal Feed App theme – probably with more of  a campaign based twist (“campaign stores” – see the ad, get the deal)

2) Someone will launch a Friendfeed for Social Commerce – a deal feed aggregator that pulls in deal feeds from across the social web and filters them based on your interests – delivering them to your news feed or inbox. A bit like‘s wondrous salemail, only better.  Select your contacts and see their deal feeds too.   Who wouldn’t want to follow Stephen Fry’s deal feed?

Events, dear boy, events.

click to enlargeFaceshopping


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