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Pinterest, Ticketmaster, TripAdvisor Among Companies Adding Facebook Timeline Apps

Last week, Facebook announced the launch of apps for Timeline, the updated, opt-in version of user profiles. Companies like Pinterest, TripAdvisor, Urbanspoon and approximately 80 others were immediately on board.

Following suit, social commerce company 8thBridge just announced a partnership with Ticketmaster to share their plans to attend concerts, concert attendance itself, and ticket buying with their friends. Users can purchase tickets in the app without leaving Facebook, said the announcement.

“[P]eople will discover artists, events, and venues that are new to them using the incredible discovery opportunity social shopping creates while connecting them with friends, favorite artists, tickets friends purchase, and so much more in Ticketmaster’s app for Facebook Timeline,” stated 8thBridge.

Apps can be found in a variety of categories: entertainment, fitness, food, giving, music, news, shopping and fashion and others.

Of particular interest to us is shopping and fashion, which contains many of the usual suspects as the aforementioned Pinterest, Payvment, LivingSocial and Noticeably absent are companies like Groupon, Gilt and Beachmint. One has to believe they can’t be far behind in developing apps of their own, however.

I added several apps, but have yet to see them appear in my Timeline (perhaps because I’ve not done anything with them as of yet), but the following screenshot from a Facebook blog post about the topic shows how they will look.

Facebook Timeline apps

Interestingly, not every app works in the same manner. For example, TripAdvisor’s app (seen below) is housed within Facebook itself, while Pinterest’s kicks the user back to its website. One is an example of placing the cash register next to the water cooler and the other bringing the water cooler to the cash register. Or, as we like to put it here at SCT, “helping people buy where they connect and conntect where they buy.”

Considering how popular apps became in the previous version of profiles – more than 500 million people use an app on Facebook or experience Facebook Platform on other websites every month – no doubt we’ll see the same craze occur with Timeline, as well.

What’s your favorite app so far? What companies would you like to see develop an app?

Ticketmaster Facebook Timeline app



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