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LinkedIn Profiles Reveal Payvment Team Members Acquired by Intuit

UPDATE: Techcrunch has confirmed Intuit as the company that acquired Payvment’s talented staff members. “Intuit has acquired a team of highly skilled developers who will be of great value to the social teams at Intuit,” an Intuit spokesperson told Techcrunch. Nothing more has been said and Intuit has yet to make an official announcement.

Remember, you heard it here first! 

Today’s news that members of Payvment’s team have been acquired by a yet undisclosed company and its customer base sold off to Ecwid left many wondering what is going on over at the company.

So far as the staff member situation is concerned, wonder no longer. Based on updates to their LinkedIn profiles, it appears that Payvment staffers – some of them at least – are headed to Intuit.

Here’s a quick rundown.

  • Sr. Software Engineer Huey Hu’s profile now states his current position as “Sr. Software Engineer at Intuit.”
  • Director of Operations, Gena Ziskind is now listed as “Capacity and Performance at Demandforce,” which is a division of Intuit.
  • Principle Operations Engineer Bill Revak’s profile says “Staff Application Ops Engineer at Intuit.”
  • Senior Software Engineer Steve Lentzen will serve a similar role at Intuit.

Those were the team member profiles I was able to find. I don’t know if that’s true of other staffers. Payvment CEO Jim Stoneham has yet to update his profile.

I have reached out to Intuit corporate communications for verification, but have yet to receive a response.

Based on this, it’s my belief that Payvment’s decision to shut its doors has less to do with f-commerce failure and more to do with a sizable offer that, as reported earlier, was “too good to pass up.”

I’m also waiting to hear from Ecwid CEO Jim O’Hara to gain his perspective on what these developments mean for Payvment’s customers and f-commerce in general.

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