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New Social Commerce Infographics | SoLoMo Football and F-Commerce Grammar

Two new social commerce related infographics for you.

The first, Football in a Social Local Mobile world from mobile gaming app Footballmeister, describing the rise of the SoLoMo super-fan in football (soccer) – fans that use social, location-aware and mobile technology to feed their passion.

The second from Janice Diner – the leading authority in matters of Facebook commerce – who has outlined the new social grammar for Facebook’s Open Graph – extending Likes to Bought, Want, Heart, Wear, Owns, Sold etc – and provides a couple of useful definitions of the new Facebook Ticker and Timeline – as well as the prediction that “Sharing social commerce actions and verbs on Facebook will be the new mantra for F-commerce’.

  • Timeline organizes your life in reverse chronological order based on the content you’ve shared on your Facebook profile. The story of your life includes the pictures you’ve uploaded, the apps you’ve installed, games you’ve played, music you’ve loved, movies you watched, and could of course include your shopping history”.
    • “Timeline is the story of your life…in a new way to express who you are,” Zuckerberg said when announcing the new feature.
  • Ticker “found on the right-hand side of the personal Facebook page and lets users see all their friends’ activity in real time. It gives users a quick real-time snapshot of stories as they happen. A user can see their friends’ stories, the activities from pages they “like,” and apps they’ve installed. When you hover over an item on ticker, the full story is visible and the user can join the conversation as it happens, or as Spotify demonstrated, listening to songs with your friends. Ticker updates itself as stories happen. Social shopping in real time certainly has its possibilities”.






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