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New Burberry Pop-Up Fan-Store: Upping the UX Game [Screenshots]

So here’s Burberry’s latest f-commerce initiative – a pop-up fan-store selling their latest Burberry Body fragrance (hot on the heels of their brilliant Facebook tryvertising initiative for the new line).

So what do we like? The pop-up fan-store is slick, stylish, internationalised, allows people to browse and buy from a FB page tab and from the newsfeed via a wall app (if you can’t track the wall app down in a feed, you can see static version (for now) here (, contains an attractive product video/ad, has a clear progress bar and a groovy real-time live chat function to talk with a Burberry advisor, as well as a call-back feature – where Burberry will call you back on your phone should you prefer.

We had genuine reason to test the Burberry live chat since our Macs initially wouldn’t play nice with the flash-based order form (resetting the cache (Safari 5.1.1 OS Lion) did the trick – probably down to our screen-grabbing shenanigans).

Clicking on the live chat button, a Burberry assistant was immediately available, professional, courteous and helpful – to the degree of offering to send us a free sample for our trouble.  What’s interesting is that the outcome of what could have been a frustrating experience was that we now love Burberry more than ever. We experienced a problem, Burberry was there – in real time – to sort us out. We love Burberry more because Burberry listened and showed that they cared about their fans.  How many brands listen and demonstrate that they really care?

Kudos Burberry – you just upped the f-commerce UX game.

So flash-gremlins aside, what’s the one thing we would have done to improve Burberry’s pop-up fan-store? We’d have included a fan-only offer, shipping the full fragrance with two samples to share with friends. That would have oiled the word of mouth machine, turned a convenience store into a true fan-store, and helped Burberry achieve what is possible with fan-commerce – turning loyal fans into vocal advocates. Next-time perhaps?


Chartered psychologist specialising in consumer behaviour, wellbeing and technology. Certified CX professional experienced in Design Thinking. A researcher, writer and speaker, Paul is head of Digital Insight at SYZYGY.

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