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M&S Boob Job on Social Commerce

British high street retail institution Marks & Spencer has revamped its social commerce strategy; incorporating customer reviews on its site, adopting Twitter for promotions and Facebook communities to build community.


In an interview for eConsultancy, Business Development Manager for M&S Sienne Veit also indicated openness to running sponsored reviews with bloggers – with disclosure, and that the group was trialling mobile customer engagement through Fizzback feedback.

The revamp comes on the heels of the busts 4 justice debacle, in which a flash mob coalescing around a Facebook pressure group generated negative PR for the retailer for it’s policy of charging more for bigger bras.  Kudos to M&S though, they apologised, and advertised their apology.  SocComToday also likes Sienne Veit’s distillation of social media marketing into three key points – reviews for conversion – and feedback, Twitter for promotions, Facebook for communities…



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