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KangoGift / Mobile Gifting

So it’s a new spin on social commerce, KangoGift from Cambridge (MA) has just launched a mobile gifting service…

Buy a gift online, add the recipients mobile number – and they get a nice surprise by phone – an SMS mobile voucher to pick up their gift at a local store.

Reminds me of the gifting apps on Facebook, Bebo et al like SocialFlowers and GetThemIn (drinks – also does SMS notification), but KangoGift is pureplay mobile (but you can also get email notification).

It’s a far cry from user reviews, recommendation engines and storefronts in social media, but it’s social, it’s commerce – and it’s replicable.  An opportunity for traditional retailers (and social commerce agencies) to do mobile commerce with a social twist?  Starbucks, are you listening?

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Dr Paul Marsden
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