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JustBought.It / Social Shopping on Twitter

I believe the future of social commerce will be mobile.  Soon we’ll see the emergence of  location-based apps that do crowdsourced deal aggregation and collaborative filtering to deliver compelling shopping recommendations in the field.

One step towards this future is, a location-based social shopping app (iPhone) that runs on Twitter/Facebook Connect that allows you to share photos and tweets/updates on amazing finds as you stumble upon them.  Login and you get shopping feeds based on where you are. The promise of is that it allows you to go shopping and discover where the hottest deals are in town and get instant feedback from your twitter community.

The reality at the moment is that is in experimental phase – resembling more of a mashup between MMS publishing (e.g. Twitpic) and Google Maps, but the service is new and shows promise.  I like where they are going with a featured shopper feature.  If I were involved with, I’d be pushing celebrity shopping feeds, and shopping inspiration feeds (based on people with a similar profile/aspirational profile).  Time to team up with mystery shoppers?



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