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Is Your Social Strategy ‘Landfill Marketing’?

“But that’s landfill marketing”.

So here’s how to kill a campaign idea (and offend a marketer).  Accuse them of doing “landfill marketing” – producing unwanted and unloved marketing refuse and waste from useless, mindless and pointless campaigns, usually using social media.

And here’s a neat formula:

Social Media + Campaign Mentality = Landfill Marketing

That’s the subject of a great presentation “Let’s Kill Landfill Marketing”  by Tim Malbon – that’s gone viral over at Slideshare – from UK digital agency, Made by Many, specialising in co-creation of social products and networked services.

We love the term “landfill marketing”; it’s so mean, yet so true.  The forgotten, unloved and abandoned flotsam and jetsam of marketing.  Are social media campaigns – like much advertising – the bum-fluff of human culture?

Examples of “landfill marketing” – according to Made by Many include

  • Gap “Denim Confessions” Campaign where people are invited to share the most daring place they’ve worn/removed jeans (sigh)
  • Kingsmill (bread brand) and its Kingsmill Confessions campaign clogging up YouTube with mindless and pointless digital landfill
  • McCain’s Say Goodbye to Guilt Facebook campaign where people are invited to share and broadcast guilty secrets with the brand
  • Nando’s (restaurant chain) ‘Nando’s Noise’ YouTube campaign – share what you say when you hear Nando’s brand, mix it and share some more
  • Brands teaming up with Blipped to add augmented/degraded reality landfill (Tesco, Marmite, Cadbury’s)… (okay, actually we quite like this…)

Yep, it’s a Keenian attack on UGC and The Cult of the Amateur, but it’s also more than that – it’s an attack on what is set to become the bane of the internet ‘social spam’.

Rather than do landfill marketing and manufacture social spam, what the deck argues for is – as you’d guess – utility; building digital products with social technology that help people do stuff. Okay so, it’s all a bit Ideo, but great stuff – a kind of Cluetrain Manifesto for Digital Design.  Worth a read.

Chartered psychologist specialising in consumer behaviour, wellbeing and technology. Certified CX professional experienced in Design Thinking. A researcher, writer and speaker, Paul is head of Digital Insight at SYZYGY.

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  1. And exactly how are marketing campaings different to the social media pyramids schemes you peddle on this blog? Those who live in glass house, etc.

    1. Hello Bob, glad you found the summary of what we thought was a thought-provoking deck worthy of a comment.
      So, that’ll be raw nerve then? And a glass house built by Madoff…
      Helping people shop with social intelligence as a pyramid scheme? Interesting read on social commerce.

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