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In the Social Commerce Trenches with Burberry

Burberry has launched a new Facebook Connect powered gallery of its trench coats – modelled by you.

Okay, so the Art of the Trench app is crying out for integration into Burberry’s e-commerce site/cart (and adding approved reviews, even if only professional reviews, would be a nice touch) – but it’s slick, engaging (even if uses Flash) – and another example of how luxury brands are leading the vanguard in social commerce.

Burberry is doing joined up thinking in this space – setting the tone by curating content with quality control (the first set of gallery images taken by Scott Schuman, from fashion blog The Sartorialist fame), enabling discussion threads on the gallery, and promoting the app with a glossy online video (below).

SocComToday hasn’t seen the backend of the Burberry gallery app, but if it as slick as the front-end – allowing Burberry to approve photos uploaded at the click of a button – then the app could be an exciting turnkey social commerce solution for luxury/fashion brands. We like.

click to enlargeartofthetrench


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