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If it doesn’t have a Face, it shouldn’t be on Facebook – Insights from Universal Music

Here’s a simple rule of thumb from The Social Commerce Handbook; If it doesn’t have a face it shouldn’t be on Facebook.

Why? Because people use Facebook (and social media in general) as a tool for personal communication; social media is people media.  A good sign that you are a person – as opposed to a business or brand – is that you have a face.  So it follows that if you don’t want look like a dad a the school disco, social media communication should be person to person – not brand or business to person.

Take, for example Power Balance, they sell their sports bracelets though the Facebook Page of sports stars such Chicago Bull’s NBA star Derrick Rose.  The smart social media sell is a personal sell.

Latest news (here and here) from Universal Music Group suggests they understand that social media is people media. Universal Music Group, and it’s catalogue division Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) are using a creative combination of leading social commerce software from Milyoni and Moontoast to enable pay-per-view streaming and purchasing of premium content from the social media pages of bands and artists.

For example – fans of George Harrison will get pay-per-view access to Martin Scorsese’s George Harrison: Living in the Material World from Dec. 8, as part of EMe’s Legends in the Cloud initiative with Milyoni. Using Moontoast social software UMG will launch, promote and sell music, merchandise and related goods through artists digital and social channels including Facebook. This is smart social commerce –  people buying from the stars not the labels. The music industry may get a bad rap in the digital world – but kudos to Universal.

This is smart – and we think a sweet spot for social commerce – fan merchandising and fan events from artists, celebrities and public figures. Why? Because social media is about people and the stuff they think is worth talking about – like special fan editions and fan screenings. Social media-enhanced screenings and downloads give fans a voice to express their enthusiasm and drive word of mouth reputation – a key driver of sales. In our view, social commerce is the natural niche for the longtail of fandom.

(Note to PR agencies representing artists, celebrities and public figures – realise you are sitting on a social media goldmine).

But what if your business or brand does not have a “face” to sell though?  If you have the resources – you could recruit one;  just as fashion houses and fragrance brands have a “face” (what were you thinking Brad???), so too should you have a face in social media. No celebrity? Then find an expert.  No expert – then nominate someone in your business to become the face of your business in social media, and then over time – allow them to offer personal specials to people following them in social media.

Social media is people media and social commerce is people commerce.  What do you think?

Chartered psychologist specialising in consumer behaviour, wellbeing and technology. Certified CX professional experienced in Design Thinking. A researcher, writer and speaker, Paul is head of Digital Insight at SYZYGY.

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