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Group-Buy Comes to Facebook

So the world has definitively gone group-buy mad, wherever you turn online you find a new group-buy service or deal.  Even Twitter is cashing in on the group-buy craze.

And now, Facebook has been ‘groupon-ed’, the Facebook marketing platform Wildfire, a specialist in plug-and-play Facebook apps for running promotions has just launched a ‘Special Deal’ group-buy app fully integrated in Facebook (working with PayPal) that is being premiered by the hip W hotel chain. We think this app could spread, well, like Wildfire.

As far as we’re aware, the Wildfire group-buy f-commerce app is a first – but others will surely follow (we know Getta! has something in the works – and expect other Facebook marketing platforms such as Invlover and Vitrue to jump in).

Screenshots and Wildfire’s promo video (released prior to the f-commerce app)…

Written by
Dr Paul Marsden
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