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Group-Buy Comes to Facebook

So the world has definitively gone group-buy mad, wherever you turn online you find a new group-buy service or deal.  Even Twitter is cashing in on the group-buy craze.

And now, Facebook has been ‘groupon-ed’, the Facebook marketing platform Wildfire, a specialist in plug-and-play Facebook apps for running promotions has just launched a ‘Special Deal’ group-buy app fully integrated in Facebook (working with PayPal) that is being premiered by the hip W hotel chain. We think this app could spread, well, like Wildfire.

As far as we’re aware, the Wildfire group-buy f-commerce app is a first – but others will surely follow (we know Getta! has something in the works – and expect other Facebook marketing platforms such as Invlover and Vitrue to jump in).

Screenshots and Wildfire’s promo video (released prior to the f-commerce app)…


Chartered psychologist specialising in consumer behaviour, wellbeing and technology. Certified CX professional experienced in Design Thinking. A researcher, writer and speaker, Paul is head of Digital Insight at SYZYGY.

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  1. i am on it like crazy, my b2b service created 5 years ago and placed on the back-burner to await the mainstream rush is also going beta in a month or two ..
    said it 5 years ago, created a prototype and went to sleep ,now i am waking up and i am liking the smell of these morning flowers!!! go wildwire and go social commerce , your finally here to proove me right !

  2. i contacted wildfire to ask where and how this will be available , is it already a part of the tools that come with one of thew plans and if so which one ? i can see few examples on fb like selling a 10 bill for 1$ group buy but thats all she wrote .

    i can already see services like payvment ,bigcommerce,shop ,etc.. making group buy trade part of their offerings.. simply great !

    hmm ……. social commerce will make overinflated bubbles go pop-pop while the 2.0 revolution provides real ebay alternatives , facebook credits will make pay-pal say ouch and non believers become followers ..

    current project got me feeling like a cheerleader for social commerce , every 10-15 year or so we pop a bubble and start inflating another one ..

  3. […] Read more about f-commerce first success stories   3/ WHAT’S NEXT? In our crystal ball, we see f-commerce intensify with the probable arrival of social group-buying on Facebook, as the company is currently testing a new feature “Buy with friends” for social games and virtual goods. Think about it: let your customer share a purchase on his/her newsfeed and give his/her friends the opportunity to buy and get a discount directly in their newsfeed. The next trend might be f-groupon! […]

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