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Flash Sales for Wine on Facebook: Vinobest & Tigerlily

Yesterday, social commerce site Vinobest (a French group-buy wine merchant) launched a flash sale application on Facebook built by award-winning Facebook marketing agency Tigerlily. Vinobest is a vente-privé for wine, offering expert oenologist opinion and sommelier selections for group-buy deals on wine.  Unlike many other private sale sites Vinobest offers active pricing – the more people who buy, the cheaper the wine.

The new f-commerce application extends Vinobest’s flash sales to Facebook, an ideal environment for recruiting friends into a group-buy deals (member-get-member referrals are rewarded with vouchers for future purchases).

What we like about Vinobest is the combination of member-get-member referrals, active pricing and expert opinion, all within a specialist and focused group-buy site. And interestingly, Vinobest is offering exclusive Facebook group-buy deals – not available on their open web site – for their Facebook fans.

If the sketchy details of forthcoming social commerce startup Beachmint Inc are correct, expect a US version – WineMint – to launch to the US soon.


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